The NatFit supplement and nutrition product line was developed by founder Jamie Sheldon with the core value of combining the highest quality product with the best value. Our supplements are developed with the idea of helping you achieve the best version of yourself. If we didn't believe in our supplements we wouldn't use them exclusively.

The NatFit Family


Christy McGinnis

Owner of NatFit Corona Territory

Christy is the Owner/Operator of the NatFit Corona California Territory


Nathan Frye

Owner/CEO of Frye Enterprise LLC. Owner of NatFit Indianapolis Territory

Nathan Frye is the Owner/CEO of Frye Enterprise LLC. Nathan is also the owner/operator of NatFit Indianapolis that services and distributes NatFit supplements for all of central and southern Indiana as well as other parts of the Midwest. 


Jake Smith

Owner/Operator of NatFit San Diego

Jake is the Owner/Operator of NatFit San Diego as well as a professional MMA fighter.


Jamie Sheldon

Owner/CEO NatFit LLC

Jamie Sheldon pictured here with his wife and child is the owner and CEO of NatFit LLC. He is also a professional armwrestler and has made appearances in the WAL and UAL. Jamie also runs the NatFit Riverside territory.

NatFit Indianapolis

NatFit is a globally recognized company with locations all over the United States as well as Internationally

NatFit Indianapolis's Headquarters are located in Bicknell Indiana and operated by Nathan Frye at Frye Enterprise LLC