Hello my name is Nathan Frye. I have quite a story to share about my fitness journey among other things. I created this website myself to link all my current endeavors. I lost all my weight over the past few years and then had skin removal surgery about 6 months ago. The past few years have been a very exciting and stressful part of my life. I plan on sharing stories on my weight loss journey and many other challenges and achievements I’ve experience through my blog. My latest adventure is joining Jamie Sheldon at NatFit LLC and starting NatFit Indianapolis. I am the sole distributer of NatFit brand supplements in Southern and Central Indiana but I am not just going to try and sell products through my website and advertise. I promise that’s not my intention. I’ve also created several social media accounts that I hope to share motivational, educational and entertaining content through. I’m created this website and did all the coding myself so please bare with me as I fine tune it and add content. I will also be giving links to all my social media accounts in case you want to follow me as I have some very exciting things coming up in the near future! Please feel free to contact me at bignattynate@gmail.com with any questions!

Thanks for visiting my site!!