Our Services

Video Production

Inspiriational Video, Shortfilms

We are currently in the process of developing video content which we will distribute though Bignatty.com as well as our YouTube Channel BigNatty Nate. Your support is appreciated. 

Rise. Together. 

Health Supplments

Delicious supplements. Highest Quality.

Our NatFit Supplements are promised to be of the highest quality and highest value guaranteed.


Rise. Together. 

Why us?

Knowledge Through Entertainment

At NatFit Indianapolis we want to explain our products through Media that is not only informing but entertaining as well.

Years of Experience

Nathan Frye Owner of Frye Enterprise LLC and NatFit Indianapolis lost 150 pounds through proper diet and exercise. Nathan as well as the rest of the NatFit family have decades of experience in health and nutrition that we want to share.

Bridging the Gaps

At NatFit Indianapolis we want to bridge the gaps. We have broad interests in Health and Fitness, Science and Technology, Engineering, Music, Photography, and the Arts. We strive to combine these passions into something special.






NatFit is a growing company of liked minded motivated individuals. At NatFit Indianapolis we strive to inform and educated everyone of the science behind the supplements. Customers or not.

Rise. Together.